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Senin, 21 Juni 2010

Miley Cyrus Excited About Her MTV Live Stream

Miley Cyrus Excited About Her MTV Live Stream: "'Any time you can show your fans your show without necessarily them having to be there — because so many people can't make it — [is cool],' she said. (6.18.10)"

Overcoming Shyness

Overcoming Shyness: "Kristin schools the quiet girls on how to pick up boys."

Senin, 07 Juni 2010

$$$ Motor Gp Mania $$$ _PLUS_$$$*BOLA MANIA*$$$: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Re1Uoa-ZG0&feature=topvideos

$$$ Motor Gp Mania $$$ _PLUS_$$$*BOLA MANIA*$$$: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Re1Uoa-ZG0&feature=topvideos


Three Months in a Row | Part 4 The Manna

Vegas Lights - Introducing Midi Mafia

Vegas Lights - Introducing Midi Mafia

Three Months in a Row (7 part series) | Trailer


i'm done watching this, by Pop Song (Jon Lajoie)

Pop Song (Jon Lajoie)youtube.com

Vegas Lights - Introducing Midi Mafia

heStation June 06, 2010"Vegas Lights" available on iTunes Now!

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We're excited to introduce Bruce and Swift of Midi Mafi, the newest members of TheStation and Maker Studios.

A behind the scenes look at the creation of The MIDI Mafia's "Vegas Lights" EP, the shooting of the "2 Piece" and "PHamous" videos, interviews and more exclusive footage! "Vegas Lights" available now!

Theyʼve been the soundtrack to countless parties, clubs, car stereos and headphones. They have written and produced chart topping songs for the likes of 50 Cent, JLo, Fantasia and Justin Bieber. Always known for evolving and reinvention, The MIDI Mafia have transcended from hip hop producers into Grammy nominated songwriters. Now the dynamic duo of Dirty Swift and Bruce Waynne have taken their love of music and returned to their roots as artists with their debut EP titled "Vegas Lights".

The #1 Billboard smash "21 Questions" by 50 Cent first put the name MIDI Mafia into the minds of music lovers worldwide. Followed by their Grammy nominated single "When I See U" by Fantasia and "Hold It Donʼt Drop It" by Jennifer Lopez, they quickly became A-list producers with over 20 million albums sold featuring their writing and production. Having both started their careers as performers, Canadian born Dirty Swift as a championship-winning DJ and Brooklyn native Bruce Waynne as a rapper, they are no strangers to the stage and had been developing a new sound inspired by hip hop but crossing boundaries and genres with no regards for labels or categories. Anthemic, modern, and driven to make people have fun, their music can only be described as "PHamous"!

A fateful trip to Las Vegas would prove to be the catalyst for The MIDI Mafiaʼs evolution and also the inspiration for their first EP titled appropriately, "Vegas Lights". Teaming up with a group of YouTube celebrities "Maker Studios" and video director Justin Purser, a plan was hatched to "Flashmob" the Planet Hollywood Casino and The MIDI Mafia created a song titled "PHamous" which was the soundtrack for the stunt. The resulting YouTube video has gone on to garner over 1.8 million views on the ShayCarl channel to date and the song became an internet phenomenon spawning fan videos and even high school proms reenacting the "PHamous" dance. The overwhelming response to The MIDI Mafiaʼs music prompted them to head back to Vegas and capture the whole Sin City experience into a concept album, "Vegas Lights". Says Bruce Waynne, "we went to the clubs and saw the reactions of people having a good time and how different songs would affect them. We wanted to capture those moments and put them all together into a musical experience."

By joining forces with TheStation and Maker Studios, Midi Mafia plans to redefine the way music is distributed. Completely independent of traditional Record Labels and with direct distribution through Youtube, a new music industry model is being born.

Stay tuned for the music video debut of 2 Piece and Phamous coming soon!

DP: Michael Livingston

Edited by: Tim Davis
Category: Howto & Style

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  • Shay carl for president
  • My respect for them instantly dropped when he mentioned Justin Bieber :|
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  • as shay said they produced some things for justin bieber i loved the vid, hahahaha
  • Soooo... Midi Mafia likes to exploit attractive women to get attract more of an audience? They will fit perfectly in TheStation!
  • 2:12 MGM = Mystery Guitar Man! IT'S A SIGN!!!
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  • that guys hair is just in its own zip code
  • i'm always misled towards your videos. sometimes is the picture of cute animals, other times cute little kids, now is hot women's. what's next? hot guys? Bcs if it is, I bet that I’m going to fall for it.
  • so this is not only a behind the scenes, but vlogs?
    what's the point of thestation2?
  • in the background for his laptop is he using toliet paper to hold up his laptop?
  • WhataDayDerek in a bikini?
  • @Dan7aylor yeah itd be sweet... i want to do parodies .... i need to find out the rules on them.... i dont care if i get partner... i mean id LOVE to make money from making parodies but my luck i most likely wont but it will just be my hobby... you know?
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